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How Marketing Differs from Sales

Marketing is not sales. The sale is the resulting action caused by effective marketing efforts. Good marketing strategies generate more sales. It is also as important to retain old customers and encourage repeat business as creating new customer following.

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Go digital!

This is a no-brainer and definitely one of the best ways to save a couple of bucks on marketing and advertising for your business. Going digital is 100 percent free and is extremely effective if you know what sites to plug your services on, one of which is the popular Paint Zoom service that has just gone live. Social media is your best bet and with platforms like Facebook and Twitter boasting millions of users around the world, you are certainly guaranteed a decent amount of exposure. Just remember that you wont gain thousands of followers overnight. You need to put in sufficient time and effort to draw new followers in. Regularly engage with your customers as well as people appreciate a personalized touch when it comes to customer service.

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Our Definition of Marketing

Marketing is the tool that will help you get your product out to where the customers are, whether you’re a painter or an SEO Arbiter. It must be sound, supported by accurate and up-to-date information and must be constantly updated. An effective marketing strategy is backed by results analysis. These analysis will be the one to tell you how to proceed with your business strategies and if you need to employ changes in order to maximize your business potential.

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Evolution of Marketing

It is such a privilege to live in this day and age as so many things have become much easier to do and have become so much more accessible compared to years before. Sites like Compila are advertising in a way that would have been unheard of 15 years ago. The world of marketing and advertising is certainly no exception to this reality. Whereas once the only way to market and advertise a product was to knock on peoples doors, today society is afforded with a plethora of methods to choose from when it comes to marketing and advertising. With that in mind, what are some of the most effective marketing and advertising techniques? Read on to find out!

This entry was contributed by Nelson Sawyer, chief contributor at hotdealsboard.com and bestfastloansonline.com.

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Our Top 3 Marketing Tips

Go old school. While newspapers and other forms of print media are slowly dying out, millions of people remain loyal and still faithfully pick up these forms of media every day. That said, if its within your budget, dont hesitate to advertise your services within these said means. You never know who might be reading your ad and might be interested in what your company has to offer.

Become familiar with your target market. Let’s say you are researching technology and you want to learn how to jailbreak a phone. Evasi0n is then what you need to research.

Many business owners often make the mistake of choosing a specific method or style of advertising without first doing adequate research on their target market. This is a gross mistake and a waste of energy, time and resources on your end. Having said that, be sure to do homework on the demographic whose attention you are trying to capture and work your way from there.

Keep your customers updated. Many people these days live very busy lives and dont really have the luxury of looking up the latest updates on their favourite stores and establishments. Do your customers a favour and keep them regularly updated, whether through snail mail or email. Your customers are sure to appreciate your thoughtfulness and ingenuity.

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The Costs of Starting a Business

Consider this: people check online prices for whatever was advertised on the television or on the billboards, whether they’re shopping for kids toys or Christian jewelry. Googling the ad directs them to a website where they could purchase with ease. What was more successful: the concept stores or the online market?

The Internet is becoming the preferred way of doing business transactions ever since the technology was offered to the general public via personal computers, laptops, and lately smartphones, tablets, and mobile computing. Online business has been rising in popularity that it is now eclipsing revenues of most start-up businesses in the physical world.

What are the benefits of running an online business?

Suffice to say that the general public has access in the virtual world. We only need to take for granted this idea and build our own virtual store that caters to their interest. The following lists down reasons why online businesses are successful.

Investment cost. Starting up a business means drowning the bank money and even draining us into debt (especially if you’re starting a school like this one: http://www.excelhighschool.com/online-high-school-courses.html). Sure it is a venture but how about considering the alternative, which is now being more as the mainstream? This is a good business for starters who wanted to do the simple math all by themselves. That is, an online business got to spend small amount of investment money minus the cost of buying or renting physical space, the renovating of the store, and the renting of services of employees. The small amount of money will only go to building a website that could display the products and services.

Operations cost. Having built the virtual store means there is no more financial problems, other than production cost. There would be a minimal cost for website maintenance but that is nothing when compared to the rent for a physical store. Marketing is done online, as everyone might guess it. This is a great thing since almost everyone now enters the Internet. Operations, production, marketing and administration of an online business are all done at the same time as you are the boss of yourself in an online business startup.

Marketing cost. One thing that makes online business different from physical business is its marketing strategy. As mentioned earlier, even physical stores are now entering the virtual world to market products and services. Since online business is done, well, online it is clearly the winner. Adding to this is the labor cost of workers who would cost your marketing arm a large amount of fortune should you opt to physical business.

So what are the benefits of running an online business? It comes down to two words: easy and cheap.

This is of course coupled with the right end: success.

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